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Early Childhood Education

JuniorDec 25 Pvt Ltd is an ed-tech company providing early education and services to parents and kids from 0-6 years old. The motto of Junior Dec 25 is to bring out and unveil the inborn potential and skill of a child from birth to 6 years old and maximize it to the fullest, we always need an expert opinion and guidance. Junior Dec 25 here provides you the best platform for parenting as well as child’s overall development and Early Education. Dec Club, a team of experts, professional, doctors, specialists, executives and staffs will assist and help you throughout your parent-child journey. Junior Dec helps your child to be the unique by carving the best brains out of them.JuniorDec 25 is the best platform for younger kids in achieving proper milestones. We provide with the best learn through play service for kids of 0-6 years old (with 0% screen time), as we know how important is it to give a proper Early Education & Early Development for your little champions. The activities provided to kids are age accordingly to use, as they learn and develop skills through different fun activities. Our qualified and experienced professionals and experts are striving hard to create the best of best age appropriate developmental activities for your little child. JuniorDec 25 help kids build a successful future by providing early education and early skill development through play and learn technique also helps parents is parenting tips and techniques.

Early childhood always matters as it lays the strongest foundation to the future social, emotional language and intellectual functioning “EXPERIENCE IS THE BEST TEACHER FOR EVERY KID… KIDS DEVELOP THROUGH EXPERIENCES MORE THAN FROM ANY BOOKS AND LECTURES” “HELP YOUR CHAMPION CHANGE THE WORLD & CREATE THE UNIQUNESS WITHIN THEMSELVES”

Our Team

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Ajeesh Raveendran


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Dr. Meera


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Dr. Jyothi


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Dr. Kiran Nair


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Maryam Salwa

Counsilling Psychologist & Child Expert

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Ragina RS

Child Psychologist